Gem Jem Party

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Get ready to party with this brand new free, addictive, gem-matching puzzler! Burst as many gems as possible in 60 action-packed seconds and compete for the highest score in weekly tournaments. As you party hearty you will level up, unlocking new features and abilities that allow you to extend your game and earn ever higher scores. Thrill your party guests and create cascades of awesomeness by using Star, Cross, and Hit-the-Floor gems. Pair two of these powerful Party Gems together to earn beaucoup points in a super-powered burst of good times. Use party perks like the Match Maker, Bouncer, and Appetizers to turbo charge your party and throw the Event of the Season!

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Swipe matching gems into groups of 3 or more to clear them. Matching gems in the highlighted pattern turns the square gold. Turn all squares gold in the pattern to earn 5 bonus seconds. Gems with XP g

Tips :

Use Party Perks like Match Maker, Decorations, and Appetizers to turbo charge your event and score more points! Match Maker searches the board for the perfect pairing. Quickly make 15 consecutive swap

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